My aim is to create porcelain tableware that enriches a home and encourages intimate experiences at the dinner table. I strive to present thoughtfulness in what the meal is made of and how the meal was made, which is reflected in the whimsical, hand-made vessel it is displayed on. My work aims to inform an audience that is interested in the homemade and how handmade tableware can enrich the home. I envision my pieces making every dining opportunity a celebratory and uniquely appetizing experience. I want my work to dwell in the home effortlessly and be the foundation of creating memories.

I grew up being deeply influenced by my British roots and childhood home, as well as my own family relationships and now I have grown into my own, creating my own stamp and individuality, molding and shaping my own rituals. Whether I am slab building or throwing, I am intentionally manipulating the clay with the final finished result of the vessel in mind and what the vessel will eventually reveal. My fingers pinch or smooth, add or subtract, depending on the kind of tactile experience that I wish to create for the user. I am inspired by a large spectrum of historical sources, ranging from the ceramics of the Bauhaus movement, to soft- paste porcelain and Royal Doulton china. The interior landscape of my childhood influences the geometric grids, floral motifs, as well as the curves and angles if my pieces. Whether it was the tiling in my kitchen, the border around the dining room, or the tea towel’s hanging on the stove; these images and objects from childhood have impacted my sense of design and color. I’m interested in the juxtaposition between loosely, hand-built pinched forms with graphic lines and tightly thrown pots with organic lines. Accents of gold luster and additions of wire build upon the tactile sensibility and intrigue of my surfaces.

With my work I aim to provide that loving, exciting, and comforting environment that I have been fortunate to enjoy from childhood to adulthood. I hope my work embodies the beauty of sharing, as well as enticing the individual in all of us.